Game & VoIP servers

    • TeamSpeak 3
    • Mumble
    • Palworld
    • Enshrouded
    • Counter-Strike 2
    • Valheim
    • ValheimPlus
    • Sons of the Forest
    • V Rising
    • Minecraft: Bedrock Edition
    • Minecraft: Java Edition
    • ARK: Survival Evolved
    • Rust
    • Eco
    • Counter-Strike
    • Counter-Strike: Condition Zero
    • Counter-Strike: Source
    • DayZ Standalone
    • Garry's Mod
    • Hurtworld
    • Insurgency
    • Left 4 Dead
    • Left 4 Dead 2
    • Satisfactory
    • Soulmask
    • Team Fortress 2
    • Call of Duty 4

Server location

Control Panel

We've developed our own control panel which enables you to take full control of your server and customize it as you see fit. Each game has it's own unique set of functions making sure you get the access you need.


Need assistance? Don't hesitate to contact us and our competent staff will make sure to fix your issue or answer your questions as fast as possible. We have long experience both in gaming and hosting which means we have the knowledge needed to help you.


We have redundant uplinks to two different ISP's making sure traffic is routed the optimal way for low latency gaming.

Why use us?

Here at SwedishHost you can rent quality servers with top-notch performance to give you the competitive edge in each game. We offer game servers to the following games: ARK, CS, CS2, CS:S, Eco, Enshrouded, Garry's Mod, Insurgency, L4D, L4D2, Minecraft, Palworld, Rust, Soulmask, TF2, V Rising, Valheim and even VoIP servers as TeamSpeak 3. You can choose from different subscription plans with a range between 1 hour up to 12 months at a time. You are also free to choose your own settings for each server such as name, slots, passwords and much more. When you choose SwedishHost to be your server provider you can always feel confident that you have chosen a reliable provider with the customers satisfactory in mind.