Source update information2010-07-06 11:06

CS:S update:
As you may have noticed, Steam & Valve have choosen to update CS:S and implement it into Orangebox.
This change forced us to update all our servers with the new software. The downloading of the software tok about 9 hours to complete due to Steam servers beeing overloaded. We have now updated our whole serverfarm with the new version of CS:Source.

Things that have changed sience the update:
Zblock (Does not work) - Will probably release an update next week. (Script, such as Start, Warmup etc. will not work because of this)!
Sourcemod (Unclear) – There shall be an update for this but no strong source has verified this yet.

The support will be limited until the 27th of March.
During that time, please e-mail us regarding any issues that may occur.

Usefull links about the update:



As a show of good will we leave you with 1 days compensation on your rented product/service.