Problem solving after today's Valheim update2022-06-20 22:32

Problem solving after today's Valheim update 2022-06-20.

After today's Valheim update, the developers have changed where the worlds are saved in the catalog structure. This change would not affect existing worlds but there was an error in the update. However, a solution has been released, but since the old function created errors, you have to do some changes.


Existing server where the world is reset:

1: Stop the server.

2: Go to the FTP tab and delete the "worlds_local" directory under the "Saved" directory.

3: Check that the files in the "worlds" directory are still named after the world and not a longer name. Then change e.g. from world_backup_20220620_14000.db to world.db on all files. Where "world" is the default name of your world if you have not changed it.

4: Restart the server.


New customer where the server does not start:

Restart the server 4 times and it will work.

The developers are still investigating this problem.


If you use ValheimPlus:

This is with the developers of ValheimPlus, as soon as a new update comes out, these servers will also work again. You may also need to do the first solution over if your world has been reset.