Introducing TeamSpeak 3!2011-09-07 21:37

It has been some time now since we presented any news regarding what we are doing and what our plans for the future are. We can assure you that we have many new projects in progress and will be presenting them as soon as they are done. With the help of our customers feedback we have had the possibility to tailor our services so that they suit everyone, also, we will be expanding them with new games together with VoIP services for rental.

We now have the pleasure to present the latest addition in our arsenal, Teamspeak 3.
Teamspeak 3 is one of the best VoIP solutions available to gamers, with the built-in functions such as permission management, file transfers and advanced chat it makes communication amongst players in and out of game easy and trouble free.

Also, as always when we do something new and exciting, we offer special pricing on TS3 by lowering the rates per slot to a mere 2 credits/slot. This offer will continue until the 1st of October. Thereafter the price will return to 4 credits/slot.
To make things easy for our customers that wants game server and a VoIP server to go with it, we give you the possibility to rent both at the same time to a lowered price. A package deal.
For more information regarding this, please visit our product page and our rent server page.
If there is any questions that you have, do not hesitate to contact us!