Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Beta2012-08-16 22:36

We are joining up with you during this beta test of CS:GO and are offering our customers servers for a discount.

As the game is still in beta we will offer the first 100 customers up to 3 hours server rental for free*, that way you can try us out and see what we can deliver. To participate, use this promotional code during check-out: FR33CSGO.

If you want to extend your rental-period, just visit your control panel for the server and choose "Extensions" and add desired amount of time, at a discounted price of course.

1c per hour
10c per day
40c per week
80c per month

The prices above are valid until the official release date for the game. After release we will go back to our original price model.

Take notice that the game is still in beta and problems may arise** together with a lot of updates which can cause downtime. When the game is released there will be a short maintenance period where the servers will be taken down for update.

*Only valid for hourly rental of the game CS:GO with up to 10 slots during the beta period.
**A known problem is that sv_password does not protect the server from direct connections from the console by a unauthorized player.