Counter-Strike: Global Offensive update2014-05-08 09:40

Valve pushed out another update during this night. This has been installed on all of our servers. In order to get your server running the latest version, simply restart it from the control panel.



- Fixed buytime ending as soon as all players join in QMM.

- Increased warmuptime when all players are connected from 30 sec to 60 sec


- Fixed the default radar scale and money position settings overlapping with the spectator UI in the most common resolutions.

- Dropdown panels now support more than 20 options.

- Fixed inventory grenades icons drawing black.

- Fixed the bottom position player counter being a bit too low and cut off.

- Fixed hud alert flickering.

- Fixed Deathmatch Bonus Panel overlapping excessively with radar in extreme cases.

- Optimized some hud options code which improves performance.

- Money position relative to radar now considers safezone.

- Fixed HUD background alpha not saving if you set cl_hud_background_alpha to 0.


- Added concommand 'rangefinder' for map makers (provides 2d and 3d distance to target).

- In Demolition games, the last weapon can be any weapon and trigger the end of round logic if enabled.


- Added Effective range and rangefinder functionality to cl_weapon_debug_print_accuracy convar.

- Fixed bad hostage icon positioning in some cases.

- In DeathMatch it now says the right name for all guns.

- In Demolition games, the next weapon panels now work for all guns.

- Optimized backend performance when when accessing CS:GO inventory on Steam Community.