We now have ValheimPlus servers!2021-02-26 16:51

After many requests from our customers we have now added ValheimPlus to our product catalogue. This will allow you as a customer to rent a server with the Mod pre-installed which in turn allows you to edit and add a lot to your game server. ValheimPlus makes it possible to run the server without a password, modify otherwise permanent values of how the world works and interacts with the players as well as raise the slot count above 10 players.

So far this mod is just like the original Valheim in its core and is as such considered an alpha release. As the mod will get frequent updates it is also chance that one of those updates will break the game for a while until the developers are able to fix it.

In order to use ValheimPlus you will need to first download and install the mod on your client. You can find the Mod here:

The developers are looking into alternatives to allow players to run the mod without having the client side of it. But for now it is needed.

It is important to know that the configuration file for ValheimPlus will be reset during each update as the mod is released with new settings which triggers an overwrite of the existing ones. This means that you who have made changes to the standard settings will need to back them up on your own PC and re-apply them after each update.