Increased backup frequency for Valheim & ValheimPlus2021-03-17 09:53

Today the saves for Valheim and ValheimPlus are made every 20 minutes by default.
Added to this we perform daily backups of each server that are saved for a longer period.

As the game is still in Early Acccess and the fact that de-sync can occur with lost items as a result, it can be good to have a restore point that matches a more specific point in between these 20 minutes and 24 hours.
To mitigate this we have now extended our backup system to include user restorable backups that are taken every other hour.

You will find these backups in the folder Saved/Backups, we save 12 backups per day.

To restore a backup you will need an application that can extract the archives, such as winrar or 7zip (recommended). For more information on how to perform the restore, please check out our guide in the FAQ section for Valheim and for ValheimPlus

If you should need to restore from a backup that is older than 24 hours you can always contact our support and they can assist with restoring backups as far back as 24 days.